Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on how Nathan is doing

So today was the first day of Nathan's new treatment the SGN 35. It went very well. Nathan did very good with being in the hospital and I am so proud of the strength he showed today! He did not experience any sickness today or any difficulties while they were administering it. We pray that this treatment will work. It has shown such great results with other patients that they are actually getting the trial FDA approved and will be giving the treatment all over now. More than half of patients are seeing a response from this treatment. The last time we went in for Nathan's scans the doctor ordered an MRI because of the amount of activity showing up on the scans in Nathan's spine and because his pain has been so severe. Nathan did the MRI late last night and we discusses the results with the Dr. this morning. The news was not good. Nathan has bone destruction in the vertebra. The cancer has spread in his spine and areas around it. It has also gone into his bone and is causing damage to it. This is what is causing his pain. The doctor informed us that if once he starts this new treatment the pain gets worse or he experiences other side effects he will have to do immediate radiation in that area to target it. It could cause a lot of damage to his spine and worse case could cause him to be paralyzed. Please pray that now that he started the new treatment his back pain will go away and that he will not experience any other symptoms and that he will not have to go through radiation. Also for those of you that know Nathan you know his heart and passion for football. The new season for his team is starting end of this month and the doctor said he can not play and we don't know when or if he will play again. Nathan took that very hard he loves to play and cancer effected him playing after high school and now is again. Its hard because if and when he plays it is dangerous due to the damage to his spine he could be hurt badly or could be paralyzed. Please pray that there will be no permanent damage and he can play again. I know to some that seems so trivial now but football is what Nathan loves and its very important to him! It's hard to see him be sick and in pain and to have to stop everything that makes his life normal to him. One last thing. He is being dropped off his financial assistance in July. Without an approval from PCIP (pre existing condition insurance) he will not be able to afford or continue treatment. Please pray we get approved for that or find some other alternative and that it is not a strain on us at this time so we can continue and focus on treatment. Without some sort of assistance we can not afford the treatment. Thank you for your prayers and for taking the time to keep up with how he is doing. Day one of his way to remission is complete!!!!!!! God Bless!

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