Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nathan being admitted into the hospital. Please PRAY!

We just found out late yesterday that Nathan will not be receiving the GND like the Dr. had originally said. Apparently the hospital is out of it. NOT SURE how something like that happens especially at MD Anderson but that is what Nathan's nurse informed us this morning. Apparently there is a shortage of that particular chemotherapy nation wide and will not be available until late July and Nathan needs treatment now. They will be putting him in the hospital tomorrow in Houston at MD Anderson. I am not sure on the details until we speak with the doctor but Nathan will be put on another form of chemotherapy that is stronger. It will take three to four days straight to administer. He will have to get a central line or a port we are not sure yet what they will do but that is how the chemotherapy will be given to him. Here is info on that I got it from yahoo answers.

The term "central line" is used to describe a catheter (small tube) usually placed in the chest that goes into the heart to deliever medications and make it easier for blood draws.

A Port-A-Cath is a small metal or plastic "button" like thing with a silicone top. It is placed under the skin on the chest and a tube is connected to it and t goes into your heart. All parts of a port-a-cath are under the skin and all you can see is a bump on the persons chest. The pros to a port-a-cath can take baths. The still get needle pokes.

A Hickman or a Broviac are types of central lines with the catheter on the outside of the body. It is put in the same place as a portacath but is only a tube and it dangles down the persons chest. So, you can see it.They are usually white and some have more than one opening (lumen). The pros.. no needle pokes. The baths, and they can get infected more easily.

This is done so you dont have to get lots of IVs and your veins dont collapse.

Nathan will start the chemotherapy tomorrow and will be done on Sunday. If he is well enough he can come home if not he will have to stay in the hospital. Please pray that he goes through the procedure with the port or central line smoothly and please pray that he makes it through the treatment as well as possible. Nathan had some problems with his central line the first time around. It can become infected very easily and that is very dangerous. Keep him and family in thoughts and prayers this weekend it is going to be rough! I will update more when I know more. About type of treatment and what will happen and how he is doing. Nathan is dreading the fact that he has to go through this all again for a second time. He is tired and he knows what to expect it's going to be so difficult for him but I know he is strong and he will MAKE IT through this battle AGAIN and be happy and healthy we are NOT loosing HOPE AND FAITH!!!!! Thank you for reading!

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